What I Do

I am an experienced writer, content creator and podcast producer, currently producing content for those suffering from issues of the self-image. I am a writer of fiction, specifically in Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, especially Space Opera and Sword & Sorcery subgenres, so far with four published credits to my name.

Indiana Jim at Balticon, 2008

Under the moniker Indiana Jim, I have hosted The Adventures of Indiana Jim since 2006 (though under a few different show names). I am an amateur voice actor, lending my voice to many different fan productions across the internet, and have produced two full-cast audio dramas. In 2009, my fan production Star Wars – Codename: Starkeeper was a finalist for a Parsec award at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia. It was also honored with six peer awards by the fan website Star Wars Fanworks (starwarsfanworks.com), once a bastion for creative projects by Star Wars fans.

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