Codename: Starkeeper

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Star Wars: Codename Starkeeper is a full cast audio drama written and directed by Jim Perry, and co-produced by Jim Perry and Joe Harrison of Lion’s Mouth Entertainment.

He is a courier of sensitive intelligence, a man known in circles high and low only by his codename: The Starkeeper.

As the Rebellion and the Empire do battle above Endor, Morgan Stark finds his contact for his latest mission missing. He unwittingly winds up embroiled in a CorSec investigation of three assassinated members of the Corellian Council. As he discovers more information, he realizes it is all part of a grand scheme to sow chaos throughout the galaxy.

It’s an adventure that sprawls from the skyways of Corellia, to the Imperial training facilty on the planet Moorja, to strange points unkown. Featuring a cast of teriffic voice actors, Codename Starkeeper supplies the action, intrigue, and campy humor worthy of the name Star Wars.

The Starkeeper series is set in the Legends timeline, after the events of The Return of the Jedi. Some characters and settings herein are borrowed from the X-Wing novels by Michael A. Stackpole.

The cast includes voices from Indiana Jim, Philippa Ballantine, Podcaster and co-author of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences novels, Steve Saylor, a.k.a. the Blind Gamer, as well as the best voice actors from the Star Wars Fanworks community including Andrew Gilbertson and Silas Carder, and cameos by well-known guests from the podcasting community such as Podcasting’s Rich SigfritTee MorrisJ.C. HutchinsScott Sigler, and Geek Radio Daily’s The Vicar and Billy Flynn.

It stars the following actors:

  • Jim Perry as Morgan Stark
  • Steve Saylor as Arborn Xel
  • Silas Carder as Kariya Dorin
  • Chris Dickey as Haj Declynn
  • Christopher Walker as Corran Horn
  • Philippa Ballantine as Iella Wessiri
  • Andrew Gilbertson as Dirk Harkness
  • Hazen Nester as Rogen Kirill
  • Devin Cox as Unnamed Sith
  • Joe Harrison as General Janus
  • Michael Spence as Carrel Dorin


  • Rich Sigfrit as Gil Bastra and The Bartender
  • Nathan P. Butler as The Star Destroyer Captain
  • Tee Morris as Ergon
  • Scott Sigler as Relgis
  • J.C. Hutchins as Snutch
  • P.G. Holyfield as Officer #1
  • Billy Flynn as Officer #2
  • Chris Lester as Captain Stine
  • John Stallard (The Vicar) as The Stage Manager
  • Martyn Darkly as Kirtan Loor

Appearances by:

  • Brand Gamblin (Corellian Security communications officer)
  • Shua Mullikin (Unhappy patron of Dorin’s hangar)
  • Thom Martin (Captain of Bulagra the Hutt’s pleasure cruiser)
  • Tony Mast (Star Destroyer tractor beam operator)
  • Jonathan Geisel (Angry Imperial shouting at Bulagra the Hutt)
  • Zach Ricks (Star Destroyer gunner)

Additional voices by:

  • Joe Harrison
  • Jim Perry
  • R. Douglas Barbieri as Title Announcer
  • Luci Perry as Credits Announcer

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