An Empire Begins

Okay, well, I don’t want an empire, exactly. I don’t want to publish anyone else’s books. I’m content doing my own thing for my own reasons. But I wouldn’t mind having an empire of the imagination; a hundred worlds in my control; millions of lives at my command; the spines of many books on thousands of shelves–electronic or otherwise–written by me. It all started here in 2019.

I published my first short story, And They Called Him a Hero on May 22, 2014 on Amazon Kindle. I just re-published it wide on December 2, 2019. I published my first full-length novel, First Blade, on September 5, 2019. I do have previously published works which you can find on the Books tab above. I’m nearly finished with the follow-on installment from the short story.

Why am I writing all this? Figured it was as good a place as any to start. To log the beginning; to anticipate the future. I don’t know how fast I can put out content, but I’m going to blog my progress. You can also listen to my podcast, The Adventures of Indiana Jimwhere I also talk about my creative pursuits and other geeky things.