The new Heroic Fantasy property from Visionary Press, beginning with Volume 1, First Blade!


Sir Arius is First Blade, leader of the King’s elite Bladewielders. After surviving war in the north, he returns home hoping to oversee a long peace. But an attempt on the King’s life seems to implicate a longtime rival nation with whom they hold a tenuous truce. Sir Arius knows they are not to blame, but as anti-foreign sentiment threatens to tear his country apart from within, he soon uncovers a conspiracy that forces him to choose between his duty and forbidden love.

Nicholas is the son of the royal tailor, spending his days pretending to be one of the Bladewielders of legend, saving nations and damsels in distress. Until the night one of his friends is brutally murdered by men in dark hoods. Ever the curious boy, Nicholas will learn what it means to be brave.

Victor receives an invitation from his old friend King Eric to leave his teaching at the University to mentor the Prince. Part of an ancient secret society, Victor is pressured to place himself in the First Blade’s confidence. He soon finds himself at odds between those who seek to protect the nation and those who wish to destroy it.

Described as Antoine Fuqua’s King Arthur meets the Old West, First Blade is an epic tale of adventure and heroism, love and duty, loyalty and betrayal, in a world not unlike our own.

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